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In pop culture analysis, time travel is either held to the strict standards of Einstein’s theory of relativity or it’s simply treated as something with no rules whatsoever. But what if you could change the past? What if changing the past could make you disappear? What does that say about the structure of the universe? What does it say about the existence of other universes?

What if time travel were real?

The Chronoversal Compendium is an analysis of the various ways time travel could work, and even the ways it couldn’t. This textbook starts with various assumptions about time travel and investigates the ramifications of each assumption as rigorously as possible, from the basic (like “travel to the past is possible”) to the bizarre (such as “changing the past could cause you to fade from existence”). 

Find out everything you could possibly want to know about the science of time travel as fact and fantasy merge in unprecedented technical depth. Make no mistake, this is no casual read. It is the first true time travel textbook.




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Hi, folks. I’ve always been of the opinion that it is important for everyone to establish a digital presence for themself, and if you don’t do it yourself someone else will. So welcome to my homepage! Here, you will find information on my upcoming book, The Chronoversal Compendium, as well as anything else I end up sharing about me, Zachary Tobin. So welcome to the website for Tobincorporated, a word I made up to classify any endeavor I make as uniquely mine. There may be hundreds of Zachary Tobins out there (or, according to recent searches, dozens), but there’s only one Tobincorporated.

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About Me

I went to college not knowing specifically what I wanted to do so much as just knowing I wanted to work in a lab and wear a lab coat. I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself into a specific engineering discipline, so I picked Engineering Physics; I figured that would end up covering about everything.  That started me down a path of constantly learning and applying new technical skills under time crunches and pressure, leading to me being something of a technical factotum or engineer generalist.

In grad school I stuck with Applied Physics; working in research labs meant having to fix equipment often before really knowing what they were supposed to do.  After grad school, I found myself in the position of having to teach a course on Android app development, despite there being no curriculum and never having programmed an app. I had to learn, write, and teach the course concurrently. A brief stint as a freelancer had me working embedded electronics before leading me back to Caltech*, where I am in charge of hundreds of physics experiments of varying ages and makes.
*Note: None of the views or opinions expressed on this website should be interpreted to reflect the opinions or views of Caltech.

I eventually decided to branch out from learning actual scientific skills and into fictional science. With the public both interested and uncertain about the nature of time travel in science fiction, I have decided to work out the details myself, leading to my first authorial work–The Chronoversal Compendium