The Chronoversal Compendium is now available!

The Chronoversal Compendium is now available!

I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve had an update here, but that’s because I’ve spent what little time I’ve had available proofreading and finalizing this manuscript. And now it’s out! You can officially purchase and read the Chronoversal Compendium on Kindle now!

I have been working on this book for four and a half years. Started the weekend after Avengers: Endgame came out because I had spent so much time trying to explain the time travel to everyone that I started to question it myself. I drew diagrams and even bought some K’nex in order to figure out some of the dynamics, and I ended up writing it all down into something somewhat academic. It occurred to me that if someone was going to read my work, they’d need some background in time travel. But when I went to look for textbooks on time travel, none existed! There were books about what physics has to say about time travel, and books by humorists about how funny it would be mess with the past, but no real rigorous texts about the dynamics of time travel as we see it in fiction. So I had to write that myself.

Then that project slowly grew and grew into the insane compilation it is today!

I am afraid it is only available as an ebook for now. With how many pages of color diagrams there are, print costs would greatly increase the sticker price, so we’ll see if there’s enough interest to warrant formatting it for print. We shall see.

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